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About us

  • Experience

    Milestone team consists of specialists who ensure successful system deployment: from project managers and analysts through deployment consultants.

    • Our consultants have deployed TETA systems in over 150 companies from various industries: services, trade, banking,production and academic
    • Extensive experience and skills regarding: deployment of software systems, co-operation with clients, teamworkig, managing projects using PRINCE2 and PMI methods.
    • Merithoric knowledge of HR management and payroll, soft HR, logistics, finance and project management.

    Do you know that…

    • When summed up, our professional experience comprises 185 years
    • Only TETA systems alone we have been deploying for 95 years

    ‘’Technology is only the beginning of every solution. What really ensures the success of a given enterprise is the team’’

  • Who are we?

    We help organisations plan the implementation of new IT solutions. We guarantee project, deployment and merithoric support throughout the process of introducing technological changes.

    We introduce you to new reality. We rely on understanding our client’s business, realistic  vision, expert knowledge and professional execution – these are the keys to the success of all our projects. We run them according to best practice in the industry, applying professional project management methods.

    "Managing Software Deployment Project is like a journey. We prepare for it by thinking about the chosen route or a course, the risk we take, securing enough provisions, appropriate equipment and selecting suitable travel companions. We surely will not avoid adventures or changing weather. But this journey is important, and reaching our destination is a unique reward in itself."

  • What makes us different?

    The Milestone team is both merithorically and technologically competent. We have extensive experience in managing software deployment projects.

    We originate from company UNIT4 Poland, which we still closely co-operate with. Unit 4 Poland has been providing ERP an HR solutions for over 27 years. We know the TETA products inside-out. We have spent hundreds of hours implementing these systems, which helped us gain unique knowledge concerning their deployment.

    "Software deployment is a bit like cooking; in the kitchen high quality ingredients and well-tried recipes are not enough, just like in deployment process neither software nor hardware can guarantee sucess. It’s the people who ensure that at the end of the process we have a delicious feast or enjoy a successful system implementation."


Project management

Project  management

Comprehensive project management:

  • Professional management of project work and documentation,
  • Smooth and effective communication,
  • Following the well-tested standards of PMBok and Prince2 methods,
  • Individual and customer-oriented approach to every project.

We understand that successful execution of a project is possible only with full and active engagement of both the client and the deployment team and their mutual trust. That is why we are eager to share with our clients our passion for creating something new, introducing changes and achieving goals.

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Pre-deployment analysis

Pre-deployment analysis

Professional preliminary analysis:

  • Precise formulation of expectations and translating them into technology language,
  • Adequate reflection of business processes in the system,
  • Engagement of experienced analysts,
  • The final effect is presented in the form of Deployment Project.

During the analysis stage our consultants participate in a series of meetings with the key/ leading users at the client’s side, where they learn about the business processes, get to know the company’s organisational structure and the client’s needs in particular areas.

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Software deployment

Software deployment

Effective software deployment:

  • Performing tasks related to deployment adjustment of the system (setting parameters/parameterization),
  • Customizing the software to fit client’s needs,
  • Running application tests,
  • Transfering customer data to new application,
  • Providing Oracle database and TETA systems licences.

During this phase we do not close ourselves in the lab, but maintain a constant flow of information with our client. It enables us to keep the right course of action, that is why we consider client’s feedback absolutely priceless.

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Training for users and administrators:

  • The trainers run the classes as workshops where the particpants learn working on the system,
  • Training is aimed at lead users, end users and system administrators,
  • Preparing training materials and workplace instructions.

Trainers are always our deployment consultants – not only do they know the presented solution iside-out, but they are also experts in their field.

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Assistance with starting up the system

Assistance with starting up the system

System start-up assistance:

  • Support at the initial stage of working with the system when the client takes their first steps,
  • Remote support is provided later, dpending on the client’s needs,
  • Detailed terms and conditions may be established during commercial stage or even later, during the deployment process.

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Post-deployment service

Post-deployment service

Stage of post-deployment service:

  • Access to designated consultants
    Regular visits of consultants
    Fitting the client’s additional needs that appeared during the system‘s operation
    Training new system users

After the system activation and closing the project you may still need our support and assistance as your organizaion is constantly changing and the system should reflect these changes. We make sure it happens while your company pursues its strategic goals. We’ll be there!


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TETA HR – in ‘Milestone HR’ deployment model

  • Optimised deployment of selected key functionalities of HR system: TETA HR, which fulfills advanced needs in HR and payroll areas,
  • Quick deployment (2-4 months), highly cost efficient,
  • Using standard and pre-defined templates,
  • Ensuring basic functionalities of employees portal TETA Web,
  • Safety guarantee (for example two test payrolls),
  • Based on best practice and extensive experience,
  • Efficiently managed.
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Maintenance service- IT system TETA

  • Support in ongoing operation as well as in further development of TETA system,
  • A team of 25 experienced consultans available for support,
  • Solution to TETA system related problems presented within 7 days from receiving the notification,
  • Consultant’s visit within 10 days from placing an order,
  • Upgrades in less than a month from placing an order,
  • Possibility to deploy additional TETA products, further development of the existing ones, (for example reports, workflows) or migration to new solutions,
  • Training and asistance: administration of TETA system,
  • Lower price guarantee – use our contact form on our website and we will grant you a 10% discount.


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TETA ERP – deployment of ERP package

  • Integrated IT ERP system for medium and large enterprises,
  • Streamlines mnagement in key areas: finance, logistics,HR, production,
  • Well tested in hundreds of firms, but always implemented with Client-oriented and flexible approach,
  • ERP scalable at every stage of company’s development,
  • Milestone team not only co-operates closely with Unit4Poland-we originate from it, which gives us unique knowledge of TETA ERP systems , their implementation and efficient project management.
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ProLogiticaSoft – Intelligent management of stock levels and sales

  • Optimising stock levels and order automatisation, supporting warehouse management,
  • Demand forecasting, planning and managing sales,
  • Calculable business profits: lowering stock levels by 15-30%, increasing sales by 2-5%, cutting the costs of refreshing the stock by 10-30%,
  • Application of advanced algorithms and mathematical models,
  • Possibility to integrate with ERP systems,
  • Access through www,
  • Scalability, efficiency, stability.
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  • Do you have experience with software deployment?
  • Or maybe you have just started and would like to work as a consultant?
  • If you are communicative and can work with clients, you easily handle technological issues and if you don’t like boredom
  • E-mail us:
  • Even if we are not recruiting at the moment, we are always interested in people with suitable skills, who are willing to work in IT.


  • 1. Why is it worth it to deploy TETA with Milestone?

    Milestone has extensive experience with TETA`systems deployment. We guarantee full and complex service from anaysis and deployment through system activation and post-deployment service. Our highly competent and professional staff are at your disposal.

  • 2. What is project management through PMBok and Prince2?

    PMBOK Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) – is a collection of standards and solutions regarding project management, compiled and published Project Management Institute.  Standard PMBOK Guide is a collection of good practice guidelines in Project Management.

    PRINCE2 – method of project management based on products. Applied to manage and control projects of different sizes in a variety of industries. The name is an acronym from “Projects In Controlled Environments’’.

  • 3. What is the cost of deployment?

    The cost of deployment is individually established in detail. It depends on the scope of deployment (the number of selected systems and applications), the number of workstations and employees, the scope of additional programming work and consulting, the amount of necessary training for users.

  • 4. How long does deployment take?

    The deployment time usually takes up to several months. It depends on the complexity of the project, the number and difficulty of necessary additional solutions adjusted to the given industry and the company structure and also on the company’s hardware.

  • 5. How to purchase TETA system?

    Milestone co-operates closely with the producer of TETA systems, so we provide full and complex service: from licensing and deployment through after-deployment service. All you need to do is e-mail us with information which areas in your company are to be equipped with TETA systems:

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